Wtf? : What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us
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Wtf? : What's the Future and Why It's Up to Us

Шифра на артикл: 009979
ISBN: 9780062699558
Код на производителот: 9979
Автор: Tim O'Reilly
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Silicon Valleys leading intellectual and the founder of OReilly Media explores the upside and the potential downsides of our future--what he calls the next economy. Tim OReillys genius is to identify and explain emerging technologies with world shaking potential--the World Wide Web, Open Source Software, Web 2.0, Open Government data, the Maker Movement, Big Data. The man who can really can make a whole industry happen, according to Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt, OReilly has most recently focused on the future of work--AI, algorithms, and new approaches to business organization that will shape our lives. He has brought together an unlikely coalition of technologists, business leaders, labor advocates, and policy makers to wrestle with these issues. In WTF he shares the evolution of his intellectual development, applying his approach to a number of challenging issues we will face as citizens, employees, business leaders, and a nation.
Карактеристика Вредност
Kатегорија Бизнис и менаџмент
Автор Tim O'Reilly
Издавач Академска Книга
Возраст 18+ години
Јазик Англиски
Година на објавување2017
Број на страници448

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