Shapes and Sizes
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Shapes and Sizes

Шифра на артикл: 044422
ISBN: 9780241274392
Код на производителот: 44422
Автор: DK
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Description Get your child ready for starting school with fun and friendly characters Bip, Bop, and Boo. This workbook is filled with fun activities to help them explore and learn all about shapes and sizes. Children will practice recognising shapes, describing their properties, comparing sizes, and exploring patterns with interactive, hands-on sticker activities aimed at sparking curiosity and boosting confidence to inspire your childs early learning. Featuring over 80 colourful stickers, Skills for Starting School Shapes and Sizes is sure to make learning shapes and sizes fun.
Карактеристика Вредност
Kатегорија Книги со активности
Автор DK
Издавач Академска Книга
Возраст 3 - 5 години
Јазик Англиски
Повез Мек повез
Година на објавување2017
Број на страници40

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