The Bounty Hunter Wars
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The Bounty Hunter Wars

Шифра на артикл: 093608
ISBN: 9780525617761
Автор: K W Jeter
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The Mandalorian Armor In the hope of quelling the Rebellion Prince Xizor proposes a cunning plan to the Emperor and Darth Vader: smash the power of the Bounty Hunter’s Guild by turning its members against each other, and the survivors against the Rebellion. The fiercely independent Boba Fett jumps at the chance to destroy his rivals but when he realizes the game is rigged, he finds himself the target of murderous factions, criminal conspiracies, and the evil at the Empire’s dark heart. Slave Ship The once powerful Bounty Hunter’s Guild has been shattered and the posting of an enormous bounty on a renegade Imperial stormtrooper is about to start a frenzy of murderous greed among its warring factions. Boba Fett embarks on his mission to claim the prize unaware that his every move leads him closer to a trap set by the devious Prince Xizor. Fett will die before becoming Xizor’s pawn in the Emperors war against the Rebels—and given the deadly challenge he now faces he may have to. Hard Merc
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Kатегорија Научна фантастика и фантазија
Автор K W Jeter
Издавач Академска Книга
Јазик Англиски
Повез Тврд повез
Година на објавување2022

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