152 x 229 x 25mm, Hardback ,2019

152 x 229 x 25mm, Hardback ,2019

Шифра на артикл: 008146
Баркод: 9780062857903
Код на производителот: 8146
Автор: Ben Shapiro
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Human beings have never had it better than we have it now in the West. So why are we on the verge of throwing it all away? In 2016, New York Times bestselling author Ben Shapiro spoke at the University of California-Berkeley. Hundreds of police officers were required to protect his speech. What was so frightening about Shapiro? He came to argue that Western civilization is in the midst of a crisis of purpose and ideas; that we have let grievances replace our sense of community and political expediency limit our individual rights; that we are teaching our kids that their emotions matter more than rational debate; and that the only meaning in life is arbitrary and subjective. As a society, we are forgetting that almost everything great that has ever happened in history happened because of people who believed in both Judeo-Christian values and in the Greek-born power of reason. In The Right Side of History, Shapiro sprints through more than 3,500 years, dozens of philosophers, and t
Карактеристика Вредност
Kатегорија Религија
Автор Ben Shapiro
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