Healthy As F*ck
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Healthy As F*ck

Шифра на артикл: 051073
ISBN: 9781912854844
Код на производителот: 51073
Автор: Oonagh Duncan
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Whos ready to stop thinking about weight loss? To free their brain from thoughts about ketones, calories, and fasting? Who wants life to be more effortless, energetic, and empowered? Welcome to a refreshing and gloriously unapologetic conversation about health, fitness, and habits. Award-winning trainer Oonagh Duncan cuts through the wellness clutter to drop some truth bombs: it might not be six-pack abs youre looking for - it might be happiness, confidence, and acceptance. But if losing your belly is what you want, dont let anyone - including yourself - stop you from going after it. And shell show you how to make it happen. Theres only one major difference between those rare unicorns who have managed to lose weight and the rest of us: their habits. When you acknowledge that following a diet is not getting you anywhere, and you make a few small changes to your everyday routine, youll find yourself happier and healthy as f*ck.
Карактеристика Вредност
Kатегорија Здравје и живот
Автор Oonagh Duncan
Издавач Академска Книга
Јазик Англиски
Повез Мек повез
Година на објавување2020
Број на страници288

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